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Earlier this year the Inghams Poultry Processing Company announced that it planned to close the Aldinga Turkey processing factory at McLaren Vale in South Australia, a major supplier of Australian made poultry products.

This decision would have resulted in a loss of some 80 jobs in the factory with a potential knock-on effect of around 350 jobs in the local economy as a whole. With few opportunities for local redeployment, the social and economic effects on the community would have been very significant.

The workers at Aldinga, who are members of the National Union of Workers, decided that instead of seeing their local community fall apart they would take action and keep the factory open. With the support of the National Union of Workers, the workers are in the process of buying or leasing the plant from Inghams in cooperation with local farmers of high quality Australian poultry and members of the community. The Fleurieu Poultry Association was formed as a partnership between workers, farmers and the community to establish and operate a viable cooperative business in the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The Fleurieu Polutry Association aims to supply top quality Australian made poultry products to the domestic and international market to support the regional economy, local jobs and a stronger community. The Fleurieu Poultry Association is supported by the National Union of Workers and is currently engaged in a process to receive State and Federal government funding for its operations.

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