The Farmers

The land in the Fleurieu Peninsula is perfect for the breeding of quality poultry birds. Poultry has been farmed in the region for over one hundred years, producing some of the finest birds in Australia. Fleurieu bred birds are recognised throughout the country as one of the best . Local farmers are dedicated to local production of quality poultry products, enabling money to be put back into the community to keep family run farming businesses alive for generations to come.


“As a primary producer dedicated to regenerative agricultural practices, I find optimism for the future of farming on the Fleurieu Peninsula in such co-operative enterprises. The Fleurieu Poultry Association initiative will see producers supported in the diversification of farming land to include poultry, currently not a viable option in the southern regions of South Australia. Not only does this venture have the potential to make local farms more viable, it provides long term sustainability for agriculture in our region and for the state of South Australia. I look forward to employing the biological benefits of poultry to our soils and offering quality, local, pasture raised produce as a result!”

Sophie Wakefield, Wakefield Grange (pic: Sophie and Nathan Wakefield)