The Workers

“The past few months have involved a steep learning curve for me and many the Ingahms’ factory workers, but the result is now a sense of hope and a lot of excitement about the future. In a sense we have everything to gain and nothing to lose from exploring how we might set up a coop with some of the local growers  to produce quality poultry products for the local food retail and restaurant trade.”

Rick Duke, former Aldinga workers & new member of the Fleurieu Poultry Association

The Aldinga Turkeys factory located in McLaren Vale is set to close its doors on 18 December 2014. It has been a turkey processing plant operated by Inghams for the last four years, and formally locally run for many years. Aldinga is a modern and well equipped plant with the ability to process and produce a wide variety of gourmet poultry birds and products to industry quality standard. Aldinga has a skilled and dedicated workforce of around 80 people with many years of collective experience in poultry processing.